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This features some hard to find vintage books on UFO's, including some First Edition's.  (this lot will come with more than is pictured)


  • "The Lubbock Lights", 1977 Written by David R Wheeler - Deep Dive into the mysterious events of 1951, where the Texas skies were lit with inexplicable formations. Wheeler delves deep, offering a captivating account of one of the most debated UFO sightings.


  • "UFO's Past Present & Future", 1975, Written by Robert Emenegger - This one is a hard find! A chronological journey through the annals of UFO history. Emenegger presents a comprehensive analysis, bridging ancient legends to modern sightings, and speculating on the future of our encounters.


  • "The UFO Report" 1967, Written by Irving A Greenfield - A meticulous compilation of sightings, encounters, and government reports. Greenfield's investigative prowess offers readers a factual and unbiased look into the UFO phenomenon.


  • "Abducted: Confrontations with Beings from Outer Space" 1977, Written by Coral and Jim Lorenzen - Delve into the chilling accounts of those who claim to have been taken. The Lorenzens, renowned for their work in ufology, present a series of abduction narratives that challenge our understanding of reality.

  • "Fate Magazine", 1958

      - A Readers Digest for the Strange and Paranormal. 


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