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This particular lot is guaranteed to spark conversation if not outrage. A perfect gift for multi-demoninational household, with a proclivity for infidelity. 

1. THE BIBLE GAME, 1966:

Ten Commandments board game aims to teach players about the Ten Commandments while providing them with hours of entertainment. The players take turns moving their game pieces around the board, trying to earn points by correctly answering questions related to the Bible. It is an ideal activity for families and friends who want to bond over a common interest and deepen their understanding of biblical teachings.

Wait, Jesus is not your thing… Have we got something JUST for you… and this one is a RARE!

2. OY VEY!, 1979:

this fast-paced board game that revolves around the idea of Jewish stereotypes and culture. Players choose a persona with different quirks and abilities, such as the overbearing Jewish mother or the stingy businessman. The objective is to race around the board and accumulate as much wealth as possible, while avoiding any obstacles that hinder progress. Filled with humorous references to Jewish traditions and customs, such as getting a bonus for performing the Hora dance. This one took us a while to acquire! 

And Lastly, what is any game night without a little infidelity. 

3. ADULTERY, 1969:

Yes, we were as surprised as you that this game actually exists.. spoiler, it does… “The object of the game is to spend a good time with 2 different players of the opposite sex…Players spin and move their game piece around the board getting tokens worth two, three and five minutes of “special time"…Game ends when each player had the chance to spend time in private with two different players, doing… you know! 

While the adults are away doing what adults do, hand over your copy of:

4. Jr. MAGAZINE, 1948:

Not for you, but to distract the young ones while you play ADULTERY. 

As with all our lots, expect more inside the box than what is pictured. We try to overdeliver when possible!


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