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One aspect that fascinates us within the occult is Magnetism… the ability to influence others. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

The entire idea behind Attic Acquisitions stemmed from wanting to create conversation pieces. I cannot tell you how often people have browsed my bookshelf and pulled down SEX MAGNETISM—a near century-old book. But, the Gold Gilded lettering still shines bright, calling the confused guest over and demanding an explanation.  

These three texts guide the reader on how to harness their Magnetism and bend others' will to do their bidding. 

1. SEX MAGNETISM, 1924, written by Edmund Shaftesbury. 

2. INSTANTANEOUS PERSONAL MAGNETISM, 1930, written by Edmund Shaftesbury.

3. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONAL MAGNETISM, 1917, written by Theron Q. Dumont. 

Two of these books are over 100 years old. One, is approaching it. There is true history here. 

These three come directly off my bookshelf and into your home.

As with all lots expect more than what is shown. 

The last two lots sold in hours. So, make haste and DM if you would like to acquire. 


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