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I’m obsessed with bizarre board games. Not only are they awesome conversation pieces but trust me when I say there ain’t no better bonding than a libation and a roll of the dice. 

This lot is an absurd and fun one covering SEX, SMOKING and DIET. In short, fun for the entire family. 


1. DR. RUTH’S GAME OF GOOD SEX, 1985: Experience the legendary clinical expertise of Dr. Ruth as you embark on a sexual journey of humor and practicality with her all-new board game! Couples earn Arousal Points by visiting Dr. Ruth's Sex Clinic, asking her for advice, and testing their sexual awareness with stimulating questions about each other. 


2. SMOKERS WILD, 1978: Who says anti-smoking campaigns have to be boring? Enter ‘Smokopoly' - where players pick a profession to benefit from others' bad habit and try to accumulate cash (because who needs healthy lungs, am I right?). But beware, land on an ad space and you might just light one up. And don't forget to share the love - you might be able to pawn off your addiction to another player! With the Life-O-Metre ticking, the more you smoke, the sooner you might meet your maker. So gather your friends, get your nicotine patches ready...and let's hope your profession as an Undertaker won't come in too handy too soon.


3. DIET THE CHEATING MAN’S GAME, 1972: Have you ever wanted to diet but found it to be no fun? Well, look no further than the Diet Disaster board game! Roll the dice and watch your belly shrink as you move around the board's six different diet circles, each parodying a real-life diet trend. But be careful, cheating might seem tempting, but if you're caught, your belly won't be the only thing expanding!


Before you ask, YES these games are as ridiculous as they sound. Actually, more so. 


This lot is yours for $150 shipped. And I’m throwing in a game from the 1930’s for the lucky Collector.


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