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This lot is a unique one… I’ve joked since I’ve opened this account the unseen work that goes into curating some of these goods. This particular set of games, caused me such a nightmare to secure and ensure a complete full set. But, after six weeks of trying, we were finally able to assemble the original and complete set of WHICH WITCH. (It’s the small things that excite me. Don’t judge me.)


1. WHICH WITCH, 1971: I am going to be real honest with you. I’ve never played this game. I bought it because I liked the box. Then when I tried to play it and soon realized it was missing pieces so I ordered a second one. Only for it to arrive and realized it too was missing various pieces and the instruction sheet. But the third time was a charm… Got the instructions, missing pieces and completed the game. But, at that point I was over it… so now I offer it to you. 


2. S’WITCHES, 1989: Four Witches each identical except for a different color sticker on the bottom. Each player picks one and moves it across board but, throughout the game players must close their eyes and switch the witches around… The goal is to get your witch across the finish line… But which witch is your witch?!? That my dear collectors is the game. It’s like if AMONG US and GHOSTS! had a satanic child it would be this. 


3. WITCH MOUNTAIN, 1983: (STILL IN SHRINK-WRAP)There are witches and dragons!  I’ve never opened it so I can’t tell you about the game play but the box is sure pretty! Also I do need to point out this game is for 6-96 year old so grandpa might need to sit this one out. 


4. NEVER ON A BROOMSTICK, 1971: This rare hardcover provides interesting information about the evolution of witchcraft since the beginning of religion. Donovan traces the past and how early witchcraft was formed. (And the misconceptions). He does go into some great detail on the torture and persecution of witches. 


This unique lot is yours for $250! Expect more than what is pictured.


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