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Back to our comfort zone. Trickery of the mind. 


This is a fun lot and can be yours for $150. Just DM us!


ESP, or extra-sensory perception, has a long and colorful history dating back millennia. From ancient Greek oracles to medieval diviners reading the entrails of goats… people have sought to tap into the unknown. However, it wasn't until the late 1800s that ESP started to gain scientific attention.


1. ESP PAPERBACKS: Pioneers like J.B. Rhine and his wife Louisa conducted experiments to test people's ability to perceive information beyond the five senses. While their work was met with skepticism and derision, it ultimately paved the way for modern research into the elusive realm of the paranormal. These books dive into strange and bizarre and examine our power to “see” even with our eyes closed. 


2. THE SEEN AND THE UNSEEN, 1924: This FIRST EDITION book is in remarkably good shape seeing as its 100 years old! Still comes with original dusk jacket. This book explores one’s psychic power and life. 


3. ETHICAL ESP, 1971: Prepare to expand your mind with this third eye-opening book by Ann Roe Colton. The text invites you to explore the mysteries of extrasensory perception and psychic phenomena from a balanced and ethical perspective. Colton's thought-provoking insights will challenge your beliefs and encourage you to embrace a broader understanding of the universe.


4. KRESKIN’S ESP, 1966: a board game from the renowned Milton Bradley which was inspired by the real-life ESP abilities of the legendary mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin. The game tests players' psychic powers and intuition through a series of challenges and exercises. Players must predict the outcome of various events, such as which color card will be drawn or what shape will be revealed on a hidden card. The more accurate their predictions, the more points they score. If you do nothing else that I ask, I highly recommend you follow Kreskin on Instagram… Dude is still around and making posts. Trust me.


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