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It wasn't until the mid-17th century that tarot cards found their place within the esoteric realm. Now used for cartomancy/divination, Tarot is a wildly popular tool for guidance.

In this lot, we offer you a grab bag of articles, pamphlets about Tarot, Astrology, and Divination, and a rare vintage deck of perfectly preserved Tarot cards. 

1. 1969 GRAND ETTEILLA TAROT EGYPTIAN GYPSY CARDS. This vintage and quite rare deck of Tarot, which was made in France, comes complete with 78 cards in both English and French. While the box is worn, the cards are in excellent condition. The artwork is gorgeous. Each card feels like a piece of art. This pack has a detailed instruction book that gives information and insight for all cards. 

2. THE SACRED TAROT, From The Brotherhood Of Light, 1936. This antique booklet is a lesson from "The Sacred Tarot" authored by the famous occultist, astrologer, and philosopher Elbert Benjamine under his pen name, C.C. Zain. C.C. Zain was the founder of "The Brotherhood of Light", and the organization's insignia is printed on the front leaf - a handful of illustrations are included throughout the text. This vintage booklet measures 7" tall x 5" wide. 

3. MYSTIC MAGAZINE - 1956. Published by Ray Palmer, this gem of science fiction smut features news, articles, and essays on the strange and unusual. 

4. FATE MAGAZINE - 1955 - The longest-running paranormal magazine, founded in 1948 by Ray Palmer. Fate takes a deep dive into cryptozoology, divination methods, UFOs, and the occult. 

The Tarot Cards come housed inside a velvet carrying bag, as well as a vintage, hand-crafted wooden / leather carrying case.

As with all items, not all items are listed. Your lot will come with a few surprises, the history of your items, and a personalized letter from the curators.


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