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Okay, listen up fellow collectors, take a good look in this box… now - - double it. 

The only lot that has not sold since we began our offerings was the sister lot to this bad boy… So lucky for you, I am going to cram, smash and jam every single thing I can into this delivery to ensure it’s overfilled with all sorts of salacious goodness. 

I take pride in the photos I post. But since I am adding to this lot, I have quickly snapped a shot of some of the added material. In short, THIS ONE IS A STEAL. (…yes, this comes with this awesome vintage case as seen in the photos)


Over one dozen pulp novels from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. While only a handful are pictured here, expect some real gems! SIN GYM by George Simon promises “You can’t make love to her all night and then -play the field!” Or the page turner, OLD JOHN’S WOMAN. 


During the era of cheesecake magazines, beautiful women were often featured in provocative poses - fully clothed or otherwise. The term 'cheesecake' emerged as a euphemism for these suggestive images, as 'pin-up' was considered taboo in some circles at the time. We are including a few in this lot, including GALA (1955), and DARE (1954).

3. SMUT:

For those with looking for a something a little more… risqué, the crown jewel in this collection is the French mag SENSATIONS - REVUE MENSUELLE. (1949). This is one of the older item in the lot, and hardest to come by. The pages are filled with cartoons, stories, and of course skin. Also, including SWANK (1956) and ESCAPADE(1964). That is three decades of debauchery for your collection!


In this lot we offer MASTER DETECTIVE, (1963). A ‘zine devoted to true crime, and some questionable pictures of crime scenes. However, for my money, the reason to own this mag is for the ads peppered throughout the pages. Also, for the crime lovers we are including ELLERY QUUEN’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE (1947) which features detective tales and murder mysteries. 



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