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A crossover between two passions of mine: boardgames and esoteric/occult. 

What excited me about this entire venture, was not selling vintage items. But creating these mixtapes of relics from our past. I wanted to piece together lots of unique and bizarre history. This lot embodies that. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. TOUCH, 1970’s:

Who knew Parker Brothers dabbled in the Occult? This vintage “game” was intended for parties or social gatherings. Being honest, it’s less of a game and more of a “let’s teach people how to read palms…” fun fact the game was created by noted palm reader Maxine Lucille Fiel. 


This FIRST EDITION rarity is an art piece in itself. This scarce text took me a minute to find. Written by Emily Edwards explored the meaning of our hands and the future is could predict. 

3. MYSTIC EYE, 1953:

The Great Psychometry Pendulum Game. Sharpen your psychic powers. Seek answers. Uncover truths. This relic cashed in on the divination movement and hoped for a ouija like success. (Sad piece of trivia it took me purchasing multiple copies of the game to find the original pendulum.)

4. VOODOO, 1960’s:

Okay, full transparency fellow collectors… I have no clue why this is called voodoo. I picked it up because I liked the box. The game itself is a puzzle game, and has nothing to do with voodoo. (Unlike the culturally offensive VOODOO released by Schaper around the same time.) That said, the box is cool and the game is challenging. 

like every lot… There will be more in the box. In fact, this lot will come with a mystery game that the first time I played it I rolled my eyes and I’m sure you will as well.


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