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I hear the collected sigh of relief as finally Attic Acquisitions unlocks some of our horror wares. (Not to worry my dear collectors, we have a great deal of the macabre tucked away in our attic…) 

Allow us to present you our first offering into the sinister. 

The Nightmare on Elm Street board game is a twisted and haunting experience that fully immerses players into the horror-filled world of Freddy Krueger. To note, this game is still is in the originally wrapping and never opened or played. I am using a stock photo of the game board. This one is rare as is, let alone in Mint condition! Take note the description card in the picture is for the OTHER Freddy Game from 1989! Fun fact, there have been multiple Nightmare on Elm Street games, both in the boardgames variety, and the digital. 


Who isn’t a fan of spooky children games? This classic game incorporates beliefs and superstitions from all over the world. The game consisted of a board with different spaces, each one representing a different superstition, such as walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror. As someone who has played the game is it much more fun intoxicated. 

GHOSTS, 1982:

Before AMONG US there was GHOSTS! The idea of the game is that neither player knows which of the other player's ghosts are good and which are evil. Facing the front, all ghosts look the same. The dots are only on the back. The players can arrange the good and evil ghosts how they wish at the start of the game. Each player tries to move to the other side of the board while capturing an opponents ghosts… But, be careful, some of those ghosts are evil… Fun fact, the ghosts glow in the dark, so… turn off the lights, and get spooky! 

As with all our lots, you will get more than we are showing you! 


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