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Take a gander at a curated selection of our evening readers. 

OVER ONE DOZEN Pulp Fiction Novels from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s including such literary classics as PAYMENT FOR PLEASURE, ORAL ORBIT and DORMITORY DOLL. 

Scandals abound inside the pages of TRUE DETECTIVE (‘70), AMAZING DETECTIVE (‘60), and OFFICIAL DETECTIVE STORY (‘64). 

And, for the discerning gentleperson with exquisite taste, we offer a selection of the finest bathroom reading materials: BOUDOIR (‘54), ACE (‘60), and the always classy TITTER, America’s Merriest Magazine (‘51). 

Everything is packaged inside this displayable wooden crate and comes shipped directly to you. All you need do is open your package and proudly display your smut! (Dig around a little in the box and you may find a few more goodies of sin and salaciousness not pictured or listed.) 

Every purchase comes with description cards as well as a personalized letter from the 


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