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Over a dozen issues from 1953 - 1965.


"Fate" was a renowned U.S. publication that delved into the mysterious world of the paranormal. Established in 1948 by Raymond A. Palmer, known for his work with "Amazing Stories," and Curtis Fuller, "Fate" stands as the most enduring magazine dedicated to paranormal subjects.


Touted as the premier magazine for paranormal enthusiasts, its pages are filled with expert insights and firsthand accounts on topics ranging from UFOs, psychic phenomena, and hauntings to cryptozoology, alternative healing, and divination. While "Fate" caters to a broad audience and often highlights personal paranormal experiences, noted American author and regular contributor, Jerome Clark, points out that the magazine also commits to rigorous research, investigations, and even the occasional debunking of questionable claims. Some of the myths it has tackled include Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Amityville Horror.


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