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"But Daddy, We Are Scared!!!", 2023 Written By Darren Lynn Bousman


I wrote a kids book! Well, I wrote a book for my kids.


Every night, my wife Laura and I read our kids books to put them to sleep. This ritual started at their birth, and I am sure will continue until they lock us out of their room. As a story teller, I wanted to create something more personal to them. 


Being a horror director I have a lot of scary sounds coming from my office. ( - - not to mention the spooky props hidden around the house.) My two kids have a hard time separating fact from fantasy. So, I thought I would write them a little story and try to address some of their "fears".


Originally, I only intended this book to be for my little ones as a present, but after seeing some of the art and lettering I decided to print it and release it.


The artwork, (which is awesome) done by the talented Masum Ahmed was hand drawn! No AI here!  


The book is available on Amazon both for Kindle, as well as paperback. What makes this version different is I have personally printed out 500 hardbound copies, numbered each of them, and signed them. 


Thank you all for supporting, and I hope you enjoy. 




* The book is 48 pages, and 8.5 x 8.5. 

* If you would like it personalized just drop me a message.

* Books will ship mid October. 



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