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"Vintage Science Fiction: Lot" 1955 - 1965


We present to you a time capsual my dear Collectors. Blast off into the golden age of sci-fi with this curated lot of vintage treasures:


  • "Amazing Science Fiction Stories Magazines" - Relive the wonder and awe of classic tales that shaped the genre, brought to you in these iconic issues.

  • "Imagination Science Fiction" (1956) - Dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds, with stories that captivated readers in a time of space race dreams.

  • "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" - Journey through a blend of fantastical realms and futuristic visions, showcasing the best of both worlds.

  • "Other Worlds" (1953) - Explore the cosmos and beyond, with tales that dared to venture where no writer had gone before.

  • "The Big Eye" by Max Ehrlich - Witness the suspense and intrigue of a world under the watchful gaze of an omnipotent eye.

  • "Dragon's Island" by Jack Williamson - Embark on an adventure to an uncharted island, where mysteries and dragons await.

  • "Invasion of Mars - Interplanetary Stories" selected by Orson Welles - Delve into interstellar tales handpicked by the legendary Welles, where Martians and Earthlings collide.

  • "Human" by Judith Merril - Contemplate the essence of humanity in a world transformed by science and technology.


For fans of retro sci-fi, this collection is a time capsule, transporting you to an era where every turn of the page promised a new frontier. Secure your lot now and journey through the stars and beyond!


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